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Galante to race the remaining two 2013 races in the Grand-Am Continental Sports Car Challenge

Nick Galante to race the remaining two races in the Grand-Am Continental Sports Car Challenge, Looking for a full 2014 season contention opportunity.

Just announced was Nick's 2013 two race package with Racers Edge Motorsports. Nick will be piloting the #05 COPi Companies Mustang Boss 302R at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey California on September 6th, 7th, and 8th and then on to Limerock Park in Lakeville Connecticut on September 27th and 28th.

2014 Championship Fight

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Galante to focus on complete 2014    
GrandAm Continental Championship

After a successful 2012 partial GrandAm season at Laguna Seca CA and
Limerock CT, Nick will be racing, practice and honing his skills for the remaining
2013 season.
He is gearing up for a complete 2014 season in the GrandAm Continental Tire
Challenge Series, contending for a championship title.
Nick is talking with several front running teams; announcements will be made
once plans are finalized. One of the three sponsorship partners is already on board
and anxious for the racing to start. Nick will be personally contacting potential
partners about the upcoming championship title fight opportunities.

Nick Galante drives
to second place in the
2013 ChumpCar World Series
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
8 Hour Endurance Race

March, 31, 2013

     Nick Galante received a phone call early friday morning. It was RED LINE OIL's racing COO, Cameron Evans, asking him if he was available to drive in the 8 hour endurance race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on Sunday for one of his affiliated teams, knowing Nick is a Sports Car and Laguna Seca Specialist.  Despite Nick being in L.A. at the time and scheduled to be there for the weekend--as most true racing drivers would answer--he instantly agreed.
     Sunday morning. The race started and the #69 Datsun 240Z took off in third place. By the half way point the team worked their way solidly into second place. Determined to chase down the leaders they stayed at it strong, running consistent laps. Galante drove a great 2 hour last stint to bring home the checkered flag in second place. "This was my first time driving in this fun series and I instantly loved it from the first lap. It's a great series on one of my favorite tracks."


Galante to compete in the 2013 SKUSA ProKart Streets of Lancaster and the Karting World Championship SUPERNATIONALS in Las Vegas

After a couple heartbreaking finishes in the years past, Nick is determined to win both the SKUSA Streets of Lancaster in California on September 29th 2013 and the SKUSA World SUPERNATIONALS on November 24th 2013.

100MPH, 1 inch off the ground, 100% racing. Look for upcoming annoucments for this karting project.

Laguna Seca 2012



The weather was perfect heading up to the start of the Continental race of the 61 cars entered. Starting way back in 27the place was the #78 Racers Edge COPi Companies Mustang Boss 302R. Qualifying and starting the race was Galante's teammate Anthony Downs. Downs drove a great first half of the race, picking up a few spots as he clicked off some great consistent laps. The caution-filled first half was an indicator of things to come. The Racers Edge team, led by team owner Jon Mirachi and race engineer Jim Pattin, elected for a mid-way pitstop and driver change. Halfway through the race during one of the many cautions, the #78 was called in. Galante was in with a fresh set of tires and a light fuel load. Galante rejoined the race in 22nd place and instantly started climbing through the field. The overall aggression continued throughout the race and Galante was under fire, taking on numerous hits and close calls. Towards the 3/4 mark in the race, Galante put in some great passes and worked his way into third place. From 27th to 3rd the Team was looking good. Galante then took a late pass dive from one of the Aston Martins, striking the left side rear, damaging the wheel. Galante stayed strong and battled back, now in 14th place with a wounded car.

The aggression continued into the last remaining laps. Galante was able to work past 6 more cars in the last few laps, finishing a respectable 8th,
giving the Racers Edge Team their best finish of the 2012 season.

Considering all the obstacles, Nick Galante came away feeling good after the race.
"We knew going into this race there was going to be a few cautions and aggressive driving, but we didn't expect the 11 caution periods!
The team, co-driver and crew gave me a great car with a perfect pitstop.
I just tried to focus and do the best with what I had, even though the car was damaged, it wasn't that bad. I just had to adapt and keep moving forward.
I'm looking forward to the upcoming Limerock race with CAPALDI and the possibility of getting into
the World Karting Finals in Las Vegas at the SKUSA Supernationals in November."

Be sure to catch the Laguna Seca Continental race replay on SPEED TV, Sunday September 16th, 1:30 PM ET

Nick Galante Racing continues on to Limerock Park in Lakeville Connecticut
September 28th-29th
Nick Will be piloting the #68 CAPALDI RACING Ford Mustang Boss 302R
Come out or watch it the following week on
SPEED TV Sunday October 14th 1:00 PM ET

Grand-Am Continental Sports Car Challenge:

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SKUSA Karting World Supernationals:

Nick Galante Racing:

Nick Galante Wins Race #7 in the Red Line Oil Karting Championship.

Sonoma CA – 10/12/2011 A cool and foggy morning greeted the racers for Round 7 of the Red Line Oil Karting Championship, but by 11:00 am the fog burned off and a warm sunny afternoon made for some great racing at the simraceway International Karting Center at Infineon Raceway. The demanding Reverse Sprint track configuration had lots of grip which challenged the drivers to get the best setup balance and made for some tight racing in several of the classes.

125 Shifters - S4

Jim Inglebright, Nick Galante and David Arnstein Were the top 3 qualifiers in the S4 Championship Class. In the first heat, Galante was challenging Inglebright. Galante attempted a pass going into tic-tac- toe which resulted in Inglebright spinning and Arnstein getting by to take over second. Galante then made a pass attempt on Arnstein that resulted in some contact. Galante retired early after being black flagged. In the second heat, things settled down with Inglebright taking the early lead followed by Galante. Inglebright held off Galante to take the win with Arnstein in third and Shaffer in fourth. In the main, Arnstein was on the pole with Inglebright alongside. At the green flag, Arnstein lead the field into turn one. Inglebright stalled his kart and had to get a push to get going, well behind the pack. Arnstein held the lead with Shaffer, Galante and Inglebright. With Inglebright way behind, Galante then took

his time setting up a good pass on Arnstein. Galante made his move and got by Arnstein cleanly to take the lead for first. This win made it Nick Galante's third win in the Championship. Be sure to watch the last race of the season on Nov 6th at Infineon Raceway at Sears Point.

New Nick Galante Ford Racing Article

Dream Weaver

OCT. 10, 2011

Galante chases his dream in a Mustang Boss 302R

Dearborn, Mich. — Nick Galante always dreamed of driving race cars for a living, but as anyone who has tried it knows, it's never easy.

It takes talent. Check.

Determination. Check.

Money. Umm, hold everything.

Skill and determination can take you a long way in life, but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it's all about the Benjamins.

In his mid 20s and still in his native state of Massachusetts in 2005, Galante knew if he was going to make a run at a career in racing, he'd need to make a move. A big move. He was comfortably employed in the golf industry, but golf is not racing. "I knew I had to move to California," he said. "I knew I could live in the golf business in California but also get a foot in the door to race." For work, he targeted the exclusive Pebble Beach Golf Club because it was near historic Laguna Seca race course. He got the job.

In terms of his racing aspirations, Galante caught a break one day when he was at Laguna Seca and a friend offered to let him drive a Shifterkart. Overcoming his skepticism, he discovered quickly the 125cc kart was no kid's toy. He found himself topping 100mph and enjoying the ride. So much so he bought a kart in short order.

Turns out he was pretty good at driving it, too.

So now the racing side of his life was taking shape—it's a start—but there was still that issue about money. But Galante's need to work led him to his next break. While caddying at Pebble Beach one day, he had the good fortune to be paired with one Philip Frengs. Frengs, it turned out, was a fan of racing with some past associations with the likes of Al Unser Jr. and others. And Frengs loved racing and the business side of it.

Hello opportunity, meet Nick Galante.

"Nick and I met at Pebble Beach," said Frengs. "He happened to be a caddy and happened to be on my bag that day. We started talking about things and he told me he was an aspiring racer. To make a long story short, he was a good enough salesman that I decided sponsoring him would be a good opportunity for my company."

Frengs is president and CEO of The Copi Companies, a Los Angeles-based company that offers a range of copying and duplicating services primarily to major law firms. "Copi Companies specializes in assisting major law firms with two things," Frengs explained. "One division operates and manages copy centers and mail rooms for the big firms in their offices. We equip them, staff and operate them. Our Copy Solutions division handles the document production associated with litigation. Large, complex litigation generates a lot of documentation. We handle that."

So it went that Frengs felt his company could grow with the racing career of Galante. With The Copi Companies on board, Galante entered the Jim Russell Series where he progressed in a Formula car to winning his age bracket and finishing second overall. He knew it was time for the next step.

"While in the Formula car I knew I wanted to get into sports cars and endurance racing," Galante said. "If I was going to ever get into a prototype car, the Grand-Am ladder was the perfect way to go." Enter Jon Mirachi and the Racers Edge race team.

Galante, along with Phil Frengs and his sponsorship support, put together a three-race deal late in the 2011 Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge season with Mirachi. Galante got the chance to drive the team's 2011 Boss 302R for the final three races of the season, competing in the GS class.

While the finishes were not spectacular—20th, 11th, 31st—the experience was priceless. "I was able to produce some results," explained Galante, "even though there were some situations in the races where there were obstacles." Some of the obstacles, he said, were things like trying to sort out handling and other issues that normally take time. Something the team did not have plenty of with only a three-race deal.

"I think I drove pretty well considering the challenge," Galante said. "I fell in love with that Mustang. I never smiled more in a car than the first time I drove the Mustang. It's such a blast, so much fun to drive. Especially in the Grand-Am series."

Both Galante and team owner John Mirachi are still considering the possibilities for 2012, but nothing is set just yet. "My heart says to do a full season somewhere," says Galante. "This is the kind of car you have to have. The Mustang has proven to be the best car in the CTSCC series. Because of its handling and power, it's the best all-around car in Grand-Am.

"The BMWs have great handling and brakes, but the power is not there. The Camaros have great power but not so good in the back section. The Mustang is the best all-around," Galante explained. "I hope we can put something together."

For the near future, Galante continues to work in racing with Cameron Motorsports in California and races Shifterkarts professionally. But he hopes to find the next big opportunity to follow his dream, hopefully, with the continued support with his friend Phil Frengs. For his part, Frengs would like to keep the dream alive as well.

"It's kind of up to Nick and where he wants to be, and in what series he wants to be in," said Frengs. "I like Jon [Mirachi] very much and it's been very cool to race with Ford these few races. Maybe we can build a bigger team. I joke that about the only difference between me and Roger Penske is about $5 billion!," Frengs says with a hearty laugh. "We're the same guy."

You might as well dream big.

Nick Galante Successfully Completes Two Races In The GRAND-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge

After two of the last three rounds, Nick Galante looks forward to the season finale at the famous Mid Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. Nick's GRAND-AM season started out at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca on July 9th.
Right away Nick was posting competitive lap times for his inaugural race in the series. The COPi Companies Racers Edge Mustang Boss 302R was battling some overheating issues all weekend and still was able to run in the top 10. Nick and his teammate Scott Panzer nursed the temp sensitive car home for a hard earned 20th
place finish.

For the next race on the calendar, the team headed to Millville, New Jersey on July 23rd . Nick again, was getting faster with every valuable session in the car. Armed with a great new teammate, Robbie Pecorari, also making the switch from Formula cars to Sportscars.
The overheating issues were worked out by the great RACERS EDGE crew and team technicians and the car was ready for battle in the intense record breaking heat of the New Jersey Motorsports Park.
During the race Nick smoothly worked his way from 18th to 11th and handed the unscathed car over to teammate Pecorari. Pecorari drove a great stint, battling with some of the best in the series.
Late in the race the team chose a great fuel strategy and needed just one more expected yellow flag caution period to solidify finishing the race with enough fuel. The caution came with only 15 minutes remaining, It looked as if the COPi Companies Mustang was going to move on up to the the top 5, due to the other leaders having to pit for more fuel. But unfortunately 2 more yellow flag caution periods made it unnecessary for the leaders to pit. The race ended under caution and the COPi Companies Mustang was brought home in 11th.
Nick is confident and looking forward to the next race in Lexington, Ohio at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course. If you can't make it out to the race, be sure to watch on the SPEED channel on Sept 25th 12:00pm Eastern.

Nick Galante Closes the Season Point Gap in the Skusa ProKart Challenge Round 3 In Reno.

May 28th 2011:

The SKUSA ProKart Challenge headed to chilly Reno NV for round three of the 6 race series. Snow began falling throughout the day and Nick Galante was the driver to beat after topping the charts in qualifying in the S4 class with a 48.735-lap. Jim Kidd was second, with round one winner Casey Scherer third, all within a tenth of each other. Galante walked away in both heat races and scored two wins. Galante was showing that the others would have to step up their game to contend in the Main event. On lap two, Kidd and Todd Thompson worked by for position ahead of Galante, after a couple of mistakes and appeared to be off-pace from the previous sessions. In the end, Kidd took the victory with Galante placing second and Thompson third. David Arnstein retired after lap one, and Scherer was involved in a wreck in the first start attempt that put him on his head, thankfully able to walk away.